Pope tells Romani to avoid lies, swindles, calls for end to 'centuries of prejudice'

Francis says don't give media excuse to talk badly about you

(ANSA) - Vatican City, October 26 - Pope Francis told a audience of Romani people on Monday that they should not give others an excuse to criticise them. "You can do this if you are good Christians, avoiding all that is not worthy of this name - falsehood, fraud, swindles and fights," the pope said. "Dear friends, don't give the media and the public the chance to speak badly of you". He also told the Romani pilgrims that must send their children to school.
Pope Francis also called for the end to centuries of prejudice against Romani people. "I'd like for a new start for your people," the pope said an audience. "The time has come to eradicate centuries of prejudice, preconceptions and reciprocal diffidence that are often at the base of discrimination, racism and xenophobia".


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