Swimming: Magnini, Santucci probed (5)

Linked to criminal probe agst doctor Porcellini

(ANSA) - Rome, October 6 - Italian swimmers Filippo Magnini and Michele Santucci are under investigation by National AntiDoping Organisation (NADO) prosecutors in connection with a Pesaro criminal probe into nutritionist and doctor Guido Porcellini, sources said Friday. The NADO prosecutors suspect Magnini of using or trying to use banned substances and Santucci of the same offences.
    The probe is into a suspected traffic in anabolic steroids and other banned substances form China, sources said.
    Magnini played down the news and said the NADO probe was a formality after the Pesaro probe, in which he said he had already been cleared.
    He told reporters: "I believe the opening of the NADO probe is a due act with respect to the criminal investigation into Porcellini. The criminal investigators have already established I had nothing to do with the case. Let's be clear about that, thanks".
    Magnini, 35, was twice 100 metres freestyle world champion and three times European champion at that distance. He also grabbed headlines as the former boyfriend of swim queen Federica Pellegrini. Santucci, 28, is a member of the Italian 100m freestyle relay team.
    photo: Magnini