Woman cooks olives while having brain op (5)

Tumour removed from part of brain that controls language

(ANSA) - Ancona, June 9 - A 60-year-old Abruzzo woman cooked 90 Ascoli-style olives au gratin in less than an hour while having an operation to remove a brain tumour in an Ancona hospital Tuesday.
    "It all went very well," neurosurgeon Roberto Trignani told ANSA after the two and a half hour procedure.
    The tumour was removed from her left temporal lobe, the area of the brain that controls language as well as movements of he right side of the body.
    Trignani has performed some 60 operations over the last five years with patients conscious and engaged in other activities, "a method that enables us to monitor the patient while we are intervening on brain functions and to calibrate our action".


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