IIT develops humanoid robot

R1-your personal humanoid ready for production next year

(ANSA) - Genoa, July 19 - The Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) has conceived a humanoid robot for domestic and professional use, sources said Tuesday.
    R1-your personal humanoid will be ready for production and large-scale comercialisation by the end of 2017. Built to an Italian design, the robot weighs around 50 kg and is made from a mix of plastic, carbon fiber and metal. It measures 125 cm in height but can 'extend' to 140 cm to reach objects with its pincer hands. It has wheels rather than legs, an elongated white body and a digital display showing stylised expressions for a face. R1 has been developed by a team of 22 IIT scientists led by Giorgio Metta and by a team of designers and entertainment experts from Milan and Barcelona. It is designed for use in the home or in a professional context such as on hospital wards.


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