Draghi 'happy' with migrant talks at EU summit

Stressed energy needs, said Poland rules are clear

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 22 - Premier Mario Draghi told a press conference after the EU summit Friday that Italy was very satisified with the final declaration on migrants, that it had stressed the importance of setting up strategic energy stocks, and that the rules were clear on the legal spat that has seen rising tensions between the EU and Poland.
    Italy had stressed the importance of immediately setting up strategic energy stocks for all EU countries at the meeting.
    "We were explicit on the need to immediately prepare an integrated stock of strategic reserves," he told the reporters present.
    "We must protect all the EU countries in equal measure".
    The premier added that it would be difficult to immediately give up gas supplies in favour of renewable energy.
    "In the long term we must bank on the strategy of renewables, But if gas prices rise you have the problem of financing this process. And it is hard for many countries to immediately give up gas ".
    Draghi reiterated: "the arrival point is clear, and can only be renewables".
    On Poland's law primacy dispute with the EU, Draghi said "there no alternatives, the rules are clear. The secondary law of the EU has not been called into question, but the primary law, the treaty. So there are no alternatives, the rules are clear on this. Having said that, it is also clear that you have to keep the path of dialogue open".
    The POlish high court recently sparked a row with the European Commission by ruling that national law had primacy over EU law.
    This was in the wake of EU moves on Poland's rule of law breaches.
    Draghi also said there was "no doubt" in the EU about Italy's pro-European stance.
    On the controversial call by several border countries to have the EU fund border walls against migrants, Draghi said "it's not true"that there had been an opening by the EU. He said "the Commission does not agree and at the European Council many countries do not agree, including us".
    On the migrant issue in general, Draghi said "I am very satisfied with how the discussion ended on these issues. The original text only spoke of secondary movements without citing the balance between solidarity and responsibility. The present text introduced this concept". (ANSA).


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