Italy to asses involvement in China's Belt and Road - Draghi

Critical G7 statement reflects Rome's position says premier

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 14 - Italy's is set to re-asses its involvement in China's trillion-euro Belt and Road project, Premier Mario Draghi said at the G7 summit in Britain at the weekend.
    Rome signed a memorandum of understanding with Beijing in 2019, under the first coalition government led by ex-premier Giuseppe Conte, in relation to China's massive infrastructure plan, which seeks to create a sort of modern-day Silk Road to better connect China to Europe and Africa.
    During the summit, the G7 countries agreed to present an alternative to the Belt and Road initiative to help developing nations.
    The end-of-summit declaration was also highly critical of China, calling it out over a series of issues, including human rights.
    Draghi said this position "reflects ours". (ANSA).


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