'Cure Italy' decree goes into effect

Salvini says measures are not enough, may not back it

(ANSA) - Rome, March 17 - The government's 25-billion-euro 'Cure Italy' decree to stem the economic impact of the coronavirus on households and businesses and bolster the hard-pressed health system went into effect on Wednesday.
    The decree, which also aims to trigger cash flows of up to 350 billion, acts in five areas: measures to boost the health service; measures to support employment; measures to sustain liquidity through the banking system: fiscal measures to support households and businesses; and further measures including deferring tax and mortgage payments and helping parents with young children at home with a 600-euro bonus for paying babysitters.
    The decree also: stops all evictions until the end of June; puts off the deadline for car insurance payments for two weeks; and introduces a moratorium on bank loans to small and medium-sized firms. It also envisages putting off a referendum on cutting the number of MPs until the autumn.
    There will be a 100-euro bonus for workers continuing to go into work rather than work from home, amounting to an 8.8 million euros package.
    Three out of four shops have shut down in March and in order to help them, the decree sets aside 365 million euros for rent subsidies.
    Opposition nationalist League leader Matteo Salvini reiterated that the measures were "not enough" and said "we won't to ratify the decree unless it changes".


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