Two term limit untouchable - Casaleggio

2-page article on 'invention of populism 2.0'

(ANSA) - Paris, may 22 - The 5-Star Movement's (M5S) two-term limit is "untouchable", M5S tech guru Davide Casaleggio told Le Monde Wednesday.
    "The limit of a maximum of two mandates remains untouchable," he told the French daily.
    "We have always said that politics is not a job," Casaleggio said.
    The two-page article recalled Davide's late father Gianroberto's meeting with comic Beppe Grillo and their co-founding of the M5S 10 years ago.
    The title was "the invention of populism 2.0".
    There has been talk within M5S circles of abolishing the two-term limit.


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