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Russian sanctions useless - Salvini (2)

Conte's decision on veto, minister says in Rossiya 24 interview

(ANSA) - Moscow, June 25 - Interior Minister and Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini has said that the new Italian government is ready to take action to seek to bring about a revision of the West's sanctions on Russia. "In Italy a government has come to power that wants to do what it promised in the election campaign," Salvini told Russia-24 in an interview picked up by Tass.
    "The sanctions on Russia are useless and harmful.
    "We are ready to go from words to deeds, but there aren't many who think like us in Europe and we are alone against the whole world".
    When asked about the hypothesis of Italy using a veto to block the renewal of the sanctions, Salvini said: "I don't want to take the job of the Premier (Giuseppe Conte)".


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