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This month set up jihad 'market'

Somali man tells residents God ordered them to kill

(ANSA) - Campobasso, March 9 - A 22-year-old Somali imam and asylum seeker arrested Wednesday told fellow residents of a migrant reception centre in Campobasso that they had to organise a "market" for jihad and God had ordered them to kill, police said according to transcripts of his preaching.
    "This month the jihad market is being organised, and the Prophet prepares soldiers this month against idolaters and fights against the enemies of God," he reportedly said. "So profit from this month, rush to be the first. God ordered you to kill his enemies and wage jihad in his name, preach religion and the sharia and punish the sinner". Having taken on the role of spiritual guide, police said, at the end of the ritual teaching he prayed for ISIS and fighters who kill themselves for the cause.


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