Changes to Italy's TASI property tax

Primary residences tax-free, but castles still have to pay

(ANSA) - Rome, October 22 - Here is a summary of how Italy's TASI housing tax system will change based on a draft of the new budget law: NO TASI FOR TENANTS - Taxes on primary residences have been eliminated. People who rent property that is not a primary residence however will continue to pay a "tenant's share". Town councils will be reimbursed 3.6 billion euros.
    CASTLES AND LUXURY HOMES PAY, WITH SOME DISCOUNT - Taxes will not be eliminated for certain bands of luxury homes, but some discounts will be possible. This will affect about 62,000 properties.
    'SUPER-TASI' REMAINS IN PLACE - For next year, increases in local levies will be suspended. However regions will still have the option of applying an additional 0.08% to second homes and business premises (hotels, offices, shops) through 2016. This levy could be worth an estimated 1.5-2 billion euros.


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