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EU prepping new norms for faucets

Eco-friendly fixtures to reduce water consumption

(ANSA) - Rome, August 10 - The EU is preparing new water-saving norms for showers and faucets similar to those already introduced for televisions and refrigerators, EU sources told ANSA on Monday.
    With average per-capita use in Europe of 100-200 litres of water a day, the new measures could generate savings of up to 1.2 billion euros a year, the sources said.
    "Water-saving faucets and showers reduce water and heating costs...and pay for themselves by lowering utilities bills," said Jack Hunter of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB).
    The EEB brings together 140 European environmental organizations, including Italy's Legambiente.
    "In Italy we use about 152 cubic metres (of water a day) per person, higher than many other countries such as Spain at 126, Great Britain at 113, and Germany at 62," said Davide Sabbadin of Legambiente.
    The region of Lombardy has the highest water use, with Milan reaching 228 cubic metres of water per person per day.


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