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Renzi calls for Europe to be more daring

Premier addresses State of the Union conference in Florence

(ANSA) - Florence, May 8 - Premier Matteo Renzi said Friday that the world needed a strong Europe and urged the EU to be more daring. "There's a great need for Europe in the world and Europe must be more daring," Renzi told the State of the Union conference at Florence's Palazzo Vecchio, calling on the participants to work to recover the true spirit of Europe. The premier also compared the EU to a "student of great talent who does not apply himself" complaining about relatively low growth rates and high unemployment levels. "The EU's margins of action are extraordinary, but we don't manage to take all the opportunities...
    "Fifteen years ago, Europe depicted itself as the continent that would be the most competitive on the planet.
    Today we can make an appraisal and say that's not the case. "Europe is the continent that grows the least".


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