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Gay rights organizations against Alfano

Call on mayors to disobey circular against gay marriage registry

(ANSA) - Rome, October 7 - Leaders of three prominent Italian gay rights organizations on Tuesday denounced Interior Minister Angelino Alfano's circular requiring city mayors to annul transcriptions of same-sex marriages contracted abroad.
    "We're appealing to cities to disobey the minister's decision, just like the Italy of the Resistance disobeyed the orders of the Fascist regime," said Arcigay President Flavio Romani.
    President and founder of the rightwing Gaylib, Enrico Oliari, said that there's an Italian court ruling supporting couples and mayors who intend to register same-sex marriages contracted abroad.
    "I'm personally waiting for the European Court of Human Rights to rule on my appeal, which came from a ruling in the Italian Constitutional Court and invited parliament to legislate on same-sex unions," Oliari said. "Alfano should run for leader of the Standing Sentinels," said Fabrizio Marrazzo, spokesman for Gay Center.
    Standing Sentinels (Sentinelle in Piedi) is a citizen group that organizes silent protests in Italian squares against "pro-gay" laws, by standing silently for one hour reading a book.
    "We hope that those brave mayors who have decided to transcribe these marriages will keep going. The government, Renzi, and the majority leaders should take a stand against the interior minister's decision," Marrazzo said.


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