Italy working for Russia return to G8

Rapprochement with Moscow part of Italy EU presidency policy

(ANSA) Moscow, July 3 - Italy is using its EU presidency to work for the return of Russia to the G-8 group and to re-establish "normal relations" between Moscow and the EU in the wake of the Ukrainian crisis, the Italian Ambassador to Russia, Cesare Maria Ragaglini, said Thursday.
    "Naturally the decision will be taken together with other G7 partners," Ragaglini told reporters at a press conference on the Italian rotating EU presidency that began this month.
    "Italy's point of view is that we have to restore the G8 format as soon as possible, both because we must keep open all channels of dialogue and because Russia is a fundamental partner for the discussion and solution of important crises, such as the Middle East peace process, Iran and Syria".
    "The G-8, as in the past, is the ideal forum for this," the ambassador said.


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