The BCFN Youth Manifesto

Young researchers made appeal to world leaders

(ANSA) - Milan, September 23 - "These words are for you.
    For you and for anyone who considers planet Earth to be their home. For you, politician. For you, farmer. For you, teacher, businessman, journalist, activist, researcher. These words are for you, citizen".
    That is how the BCFN Youth Manifesto begins.
    In the document six groups of people named in the introduction are addressed. A precise appeal is directed to each of them. "The planet-people-food relationship has broken down," it continues.
    "There are people who go to bed hungry and yet we continue to waste food. There are people who die of hunger and yet obesity is rising. "At the same time, unsustainable agriculture is pushing the environment to the limit. We must all assume responsibility for the wellbeing of our common home for a shared future.
    "We came here today from all over the world with the desire to make some concrete proposals for the global challenges facing the plant, its peoples and its food.
    "This Youth Manifesto is our contribution to the Milan Charter. It proposes a new approach to the issue of food sustainability for a more secure, healthier planet... It is not too late to create the world that we imagine. "We make our appeal to politicians, farmers, teachers, businessmen, journalists, activists and researchers from all nations to make their voices heard together with us.
    "We need each of you to join forces and work together to resolve this crisis".


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