'Italian Beauty' worth 135 bn in exports - Confindustria

Growth potential 82 bn,China spotlight says Exporting Dolce Vita

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 20 - Italy's 'Beautiful and Well-Made' sectors generate some 135 billion euros in exports a year, business group Confindustria said Tuesday.
    It is a major component of all Italian exports and is "transversal" to all Made in Italy segments, said the industrial employers' federation.
    The biggest earners are in the three Fs - Fashion, Food and Furniture, said a report commissioned by Confindustria and entitled Exproting the Dolce Vita.
    The report was drawn up with the collaboration of Italy's biggest bank UniCredit and with the contribution of export credit agency SACE, Netcomm and the Manlio Masi Foundation.
    The study highlights a further growth potential of some 82 billion euros.
    It also shines a light on China where some 70 million 'new rich' will be created in the next five years.
    photo: Confindustria chief Carlo Bonomi (ANSA).


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