Muti, Cherubini Youth Orchestra shows to be live-streamed from Ravenna

Nov 22 and 29 concerts can be seen via

(ANSA) - ROME, 18 NOV - A maestro, his orchestra, and a theatre are all that is needed to rediscover the joy of making music together and share it with everyone, everywhere - with the help of an ANSA project.
    Riccardo Muti is leading the Luigi Cherubini Youth Orchestra at Ravenna's Alighieri Theatre for two concerts which will be streamed for free on November 22 and 29, at 11am CET, on the website.
    The shows will then be available for a further 15 days.
    The concerts are taking place thanks to collaboration between the Ravenna Festival, the Fondazione Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini, and RMMUSIC, with the contribution of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna.
    The concerts will also be available on as part of the 'ANSA per la Cultura' (ANSA for Culture) project, which sees Italy's top news agency hosting live-streamed events from the nation's most important theatres on its website.
    The collaboration with the Spring Festival in Tokyo has been renewed and the concerts will be streamed on its website too.
    The programmes chosen by Muti reflect principles which have always featured in his work - a keen interest in the new generation of musicians and his love for his country.
    The November 22 concert is entirely dedicated to Schubert, with Symphony No. 3 and the Unfinished Symphony, which was performed during the first concert of the Cherubini Orchestra in 2005.
    On November 29 there will be an all-Italian programme including Martucci's Notturno, Puccini's Preludio Sinfonico, and Verdi's overtures from Nabucco.
    The Alighieri Theatre is one of the only eight places in the world (and the only theatre in Italy) that the cutting-edge D&B Soundscape En-space system has been used.
    Subscription to the Ravenna Festival and RMMUSIC newsletters gives access to exclusive content from the rehearsals.
    The two events conclude the 31st Ravenna Festival, which again this year has been supported by the Municipality of Ravenna, the Emilia-Romagna Region, the Ministry of Culture; and main partner Eni. (ANSA).


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