Ezio Bosso will not longer play piano

Composer has neurodegenerative illness, will continue to conduct

(ANSA) - Bari, September 16 - Italian composer, pianist and conductor Ezio Bosso has said he will no longer play because of a neurodegenerative illness he has had for several years.
    "If you love me, stop asking me to play the piano because I can't do it: I have two fingers that don't respond well", Bosso said Sunday while attending a meeting at the exhibition center Fiera di Levante in Bari.
    The 48-year-old added that "when I will know that I am no longer able to manage an orchestra, I will also stop conducting".
    Bosso added that he has not retired and that he is continuing to work "better than before".
    "I am very happy because I am doing my job as conductor", Bosso also wrote on his Facebook page on Monday. He added that he is "very happy about what I do - but I am distressed when pushed" to play the "piano because I can't say no, I struggle and I don't have enough quality" "But in particular, the beauty of other things for which I fight goes unseen".