Bonisoli hails Roman coins discovery

Landmark find says culture minister

(ANSA) - Milan, September 10 - Culture Minister Alberto Bonisoli said Monday that the discovery of a big cache of golden ancient Roman coins uncovered in a vase in Como was a landmark find, saying the dig it comes from will generate more treasures.
    "For me it's more than an an exceptional case," Bonisoli told a news conference in Milan.
    "We are not yet able to understand it, but it's a message from our ancestors". He said that the site held at least three more objects.
    "We have certainly caught of a glimpse of a gold bar and two other objects," Bonisoli said. "But at the moment we have only removed the first layer of around 27 coins weighing around 4 grams, minted in the period of emperors Honorius, Valentinian III, Leo I and Libius Severus, so they do not come after 474 AD".


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