'Alley of balconies' found in Pompeii (2)

Buildings have original distinctive colours of ancient city

(ANSA) - Rome, May 17 - Digs at a previously unexcavated area of Pompeii have uncovered a spectacular alley with a series of buildings with big balconies that the Mount Vesuvius lava shower the ancient Roman city underwent in AD 79 left largely intact, the archaeological site's Director Massimo Osanna told ANSA on Thursday. The buildings have the distinctive Pompeii red and other hues in their true colours as the ancient inhabitants of the city would have seen them.
    Archaeologists even found amphora in the corners of the balconies that had left out to dry in the sun.
    "It's something that is truly rare for Pompeii," Osanna told ANSA. He said that the balconies will be restored and become part of a new tour route at the site.


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