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Summer weather returns to Italy

Sunny conditions at least until Saturday, 31 degrees in Sicily

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 5 - Summer weather has returned to Italy with temperatures as high as 31 degrees in Sicily and Sardinia, 27 in the Dolomite foothills, warm seas in the south with water at 24-26 degrees, prevalent sunshine everywhere and days still relatively long, forecasters said Wednesday.
    Lorenzo Tedici, a meteorologist at the www.iLMeteo.it website, confirms a decidedly warm picture for the period, and one that has become more frequent in recent years.
    He said we will have summer-like temperatures in the coming days too, around five degrees above seasonal averages.
    But there will be frequent low cloud and fog in the north.
    In the south, on the other hand, temperatures will rise further, especially on the Adriatic coast, and fine weather is forecast at least as far as Saturday, Tedici said.
    Over the weekend, however, a weather front that is currently lurking among the dunes of the Erg desert in Algeria will rise northwards and may cause a worsening of the weather in Sardinia, Sicily, and some parts of the north west.
    Next week the weather may change again, with scattered showers and a drop in temperatures, although fine weather may also continue, said Tedici, He said it was too early to tell. (ANSA).


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