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Hunt on for swimming boar in Milan

Fire teams fit cage to canal bridge in bid to trap animal

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 9 - A hunt has been launched for a wild boar spotted swimming in a Milan canal last week.
    The animal was seen swimming in the Darsena dock area.
    Fire teams have now installed a cage at a bridge near the spot and hope to trap the animal.
    Divers who have been scouring the waters say the boar is still in the canal.
    Wild boar have become increasingly brazen in their incursions into Italian cities including Rome and Milan.
    Pictures of whole families trotting unworried through heavy traffic and rummaging among trash for food have gone viral.
    Italy has launched a cull of hundreds of the animals after an outbreak of swine fever in Lazio, Liguria and Piedmont. (ANSA).


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