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Priest apologizes for beach Mass with Lilo altar

Clergyman being probed for offending religion

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 28 - A Catholic priest has apologized after getting into hot water for presiding over Mass in the sea on a beach in Calabria using a Lilo airbed as an altar.
    The Mass at Capo Colonna at the end of a youth camp organized by the Libera anti-mafia association was criticized by the Church authorities, who said certain standards needed to be maintained, and sparked to a probe into alleged offence against a religion by criminal prosecutors in Crotone.
    "I absolutely did not intend to trivialize the Eucharist," said Don Mattia Bernasconi on the website of his Milan parish, San Luigi di Gonzaga.
    "It was just Mass at the end of a week of work.
    "But symbols are important and they speak, sometimes differently to the way we want. I was naive" (ANSA).


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