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G7 united on Kyiv, democracies lose if it does - Draghi

Putin must not win says Italy PM

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 27 - Premier Mario Draghi said during the G7 session with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Monday that "we are united with Ukraine, because if Ukraine loses, all the democracies lose.
    "If Ukraine loses, it will more difficult to maintain that democracy is an effective model of government." Draghi thanked Zelensky for his "exceptional welcome" to Kyiv when the Italian premier visited the Ukrainian capital with his French and German counterparts recently.
    "Putin must not win. We remain united in support of Ukraine," Draghi stressed.
    The Italian premier also reiterated the importance of continuing to work on a gas price cap after securing a promise of a report to be examined in October at last week's EU summit.
    "We must continue to work on how to impose a cap on the price of gas", said the Italian premier.
    The two-day G7 summit took place Sunday and Monday at Elmau Castle in Germany. (ANSA).


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