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11 anarchists held for assault on Turin Confindustria HQ

Attack during march against student work-experience deaths

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 12 - Italian police on Thursday arrested 11 anarchists from the Turin anti-capitalist squat Askatasuna and other militant 'social centres' in connection with a February 8 assault on the Turin headquarters of Italian industrial employers' group Confindustria.
    The 11 have been charged with grievous bodily harm, resisting arrest and violence.
    The 11 'antagonists' allegedly tried to break into the office of the Unione Industriali using sticks and firecrackers and throwing objects.
    After throwing red paint onto the outside of the building, the demonstrators broke down the entrance door and got into the offices, but police managed to stop their assault.
    Six Carabinieri and one police officer were hurt in the attack.
    The incident occurred in a march against work experience in Italy after the deaths of two students on the job, Lorenzo Parelli and Giuseppe Lenoci. (ANSA).


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