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Expo Dubai: ready to coop with UAE on organic says Lener

Italy is organic superpower, we must build on this

(ANSA) - ROME, FEB 14 - Italy is ready to cooperate with the United Arab Emirates on organic food, Italian ambassador to the UAE Nicola Lener told the Innovation Talk "The future of the Italian food system between innovation, safety and sustainability", organized at the Italian pavilion on Sunday.
    "Italy is a superpower in organic food and we are also in sustainable food, with less than half the CO2 emissions in food production compared to our main European partners," said the official.
    He said the Emirates "have equipped themselves with a good security strategy focused on logistics, sustainability, and efficiency and there is a lot to to in increasing organic production".
    Within this framework, Lener said, "Italian firms, research centres and universities want to cooperate towards this goal.
    "Food is a powerful vehicle in our bilateral relations".
    Lener stressed that "we must build on this". (ANSA).


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