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Nationwide operations clamp down on Mafia, drugs gangs

Arrests, restrictive measures imposed on 103 people

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 26 - Police staged a series of operations in various parts of the country on Tuesday targetting Mafia and drugs gangs run but both Italian and foreign nationals.
    In total 103 people were arrested or subjected to other forms of restrictive measures.
    The suspects are accused of crimes including mafia association, criminal association for the sale of drugs, drug dealing, extortion, kidnapping and robbery.
    The operations were carried out by police from Latina, Catanzaro, L'Aquila, Salerno, Lecco, Terni, Taranto, Genoa and Vicenza.
    One of the biggest operations took place in Latina, a city between Naples and Rome, where restrictive measures were imposed on 33 people. (ANSA).


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