Health fund target of 128 bn in 2024 - Speranza

'Season of cuts has definitively ended' says health minister

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 20 - The government aims to raise its health fund target to 128 billion euros in 2024, Health Minister Roberto Speranza said Wednesday.
    Speranza said that when he became health minister two years ago the fund was just 114 billion euros, and now it has been raised to 122 billion "with a growth in just a few months that has never been seen before.
    "Now we can confirm that the investments made will become permanent and we commit to raise the fund further by two billion in 2022, by four in 2023 and by six in 2024, when we will reach 128 billion overall." He said "the season of cuts has definitively ended". (ANSA).


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