Police bust 'citizenship wage' benefit scam

Salvini says benefit encourages cheats, raised issue with Draghi

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 14 - Italian police said Thursday that they have busted a big gang that used false documents to illegitimately claim the 'citizenship wage' minimum-income benefit.
    Police have reported 50 people to prosecutors.
    The gang alleged used foreign nations from Austria, Germany and Romania to pick up the benefit cash at post offices in Milan.
    League leader Matteo Salvini said Thursday that the 'citizenship wage' is prone to being exploited by fraudsters, adding that he had raised the issue with Premier Mario Draghi.
    "I read that 50 people are under investigation and have been arrested because they came from Romania or Germany to get the citizenship wage," Salvini told RAI radio.
    "I spoke about this with Draghi because, in this way, the citizenship wage is a disincentive to work and it encourages fraudsters and tax dodgers". (ANSA).


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