Telegram blocks anti-vax channel for inciting violence

Group breached terms of service says Pavel Durov

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 28 - The Telegram messaging app has blocked the anti-vaccine 'Basta Dittatura' (No More Dictatorship) channel and chat group after Turin prosecutors asked the company to do so as an act of "voluntary cooperation".
    The chat and channel were used by groups that are against vaccines and against the Green Pass COVID-19 vaccine passport.
    They were used to publish the telephone numbers of some government offices and of politicians and doctors that the anti-vax groups are hostile towards.
    Politicians, journalists and health officials and experts have been threatened by anti-vax extremists in Italy and in some cases attacked.
    "This channel and chat group incited violence against doctors who carry out vaccinations," said Telegram founder Pavel Durov.
    "They published private data of specific doctors and called for their execution.
    "Inciting violence is against Telegram's terms of service".


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