COVID-19: 1,000 active doctors are unvaccinated in Italy

Some 500 unvaccinated medics have been suspended says federation

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 6 - Filippo Anelli, the head of the Italian Federation of Medical Guilds (FNOMCEO), said Monday that around 1,000 active doctors in Italy have not been vaccinated for COVID-19 even though the jab is obligatory for health workers here.
    "According to the data of the National Federation of Medical Guilds, there are presumable around 1,500 unvaccinated doctors (in Italy)," Anelli said.
    "About 1,000 of these are still practising the profession, that is almost 70% of total number of unvaccinated doctors.
    "Of the 1,500, 500 are currently suspended.
    "Another 120 rectified their situations, notifying that they had been vaccinated, before they were suspended." (ANSA).


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