80% vaccinated by Sep, Green Pass to last a year

Third COVID jab to start with most vulnerable says Speranza

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 25 - COVID emergency commissioner Francesco Figliuolo has said 80% of Italians over the age of 12 will be vaccinated by the end of September.
    Meanwhile the government's CTS technical committee will examine on Friday a request to extend the Green Pass vaccine passport for up to a year.
    Health Minister Roberto Speranza said he was convinced the CTS will say yes and said he thought the third COVID dose will also start being given starting with the most vulnerable categories: the immuno-depressed, those who have had transplants and the over 80s.
    The national bioethics panel said yes to making vaccines obligatory, at least for people carrying out public services.
    "If you want to be in society and not stay shut up at home you need to get vaccinated," panel chair Maurizio Mori told ANSA.
    There have been 6,076 new cases of COVID-19 in Italy in the last 24 hours, and 60 more victims of the virus, the health ministry said Tuesday. That compares to 4,168 new cases and 44 more victims Monday.
    The positivity rate is down from 4.11% to 2.28%.
    Conductors are to return to Italian buses to check that people are wearing face masks and respecting other COVID rules, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Enrico Giovannini told Rainews24 Tuesday.
    He said enforcing the virus safety rules was "crucial". The conductors will also have to make sure that people are socially distancing and that buses are only 80% full, at most. On vaccine passports for drivers, the minister said this was a "complex matter that is being discussed".
    Giovannini is set to meet regional officials on the issue Thursday morning. (ANSA).


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