Migrants: German court rules 'inhumane treatment in Italy'

Court decides not to send back two asylum seekers

(ANSAmed) - BERLIN, 29 LUG - The administrative court of North Rhine-Westphalia ruled to not send two asylum seekers back to Italy because the asylum seekers would "seriously risk undergoing inhumane and degrading treatment".
    The ruling regards two asylum seekers, from Somalia and Mali, who, according to the Dublin Regulation, should have been sent back to their place of first entry, Italy, to process their asylum application.
    The justification of the ruling refers to the fact that "both applicants would not have access to a reception facility and related care in the event of a return to Italy".
    "There is a serious risk that they will not be able to meet their most basic needs for an extended period of time if they are moved back to Italy," said the statement published by the court on its website.
    In January, the high court refused transfer back to Greece for the same reason. (ANSAmed).


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