Italy's fourth wave of COVID-19 has started says Gimbe

Death's up 46% over last seven days says report

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 29 - Italy has "effectively entered the fourth wave" of COVID-19 contagion, the Gimbe health foundation said in its weekly coronavirus monitoring report on Thursday.
    The report said that Italy 's COVID deaths increased in the July 21-27 period after 15 consecutive weeks of falls, rising 46% to 111 from 76 the previous week.
    It said the number of new cases increased by 64.8% to 31,963 from 19,390.
    It said there was a 42.9% rise in the number of people self-isolating due to contagion, going to 68,510 from 47,951.
    It said there was a 34.9% rise in the number of coronavirus sufferers admitted to hospital and a rise of 14.5% in the number of COVID patients in intensive care. (ANSA).


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