Footballer dies in game in brother's honour

Heart attack kills Giuseppe Perrino like brother Rocco

(ANSA) - NAPLES, JUN 3 - A 29-year-old footballer died in a five-a-side game near Naples in honour of his dead brother on Wednesday.
    The match was to commemorate Giuseppe Perrino's brother Rocco who died of a heart attack while cycling in 2018.
    Giuseppe also died of a heart attack on Wednesday, at Poggiomarino.
    The dead man had played in the youth team of Parma before playing in lower-tier outfits including Sapri, Ebolitana, Battipagliese, Turris, Real Poggiomarino, Bellaria, Vigor Lamezia, Scafatese, Pimonte and Solofra.
    All his previous clubs remembered him with great affection on Wednesday. (ANSA).


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