Italy brain drain up 41.8% in 8 years - Audit Court

Limited job prospects, low pay see graduates going abroad

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 26 - Italy's brain drain has risen 41.8% in the last years, the Audit Court said Wednesday.
    "Limited job prospects and low pay are pushing ever more graduates to leave the country, with a rise of 41.8% over 2013." said the court.
    Italy like other countries is seeing more and more young people graduating, but is losing more and more of them unlike other countries, the court said.
    "The phenomenon is due to the persistent difficulties in entering the labour market and the fact that the degrees does not offer, unlike in the OECD area, greater chances of employment with respect to lower levels of education", it said.
    Successive governments have tried to reverse the brain drain.
    Premier Mario Draghi has vowed to make Italy "a country for young people" with the help of the EU-funded COVID Recovery Plan. (ANSA).


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