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Italy's COVID curfew pushed back to 11pm

Decree further easing nation's coronavirus restrictions kicks in

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 19 - Italy's COVID-19 curfew moves from 10pm to 11pm on Wednesday as a new decree passed by Premier Mario Draghi's government with a further, gradual easing of the coronavirus-linked restrictions kicks in.
    The curfew is scheduled to be pushed back further, to midnight, from June 7 and then be completely scrapped from June 21.
    The decree sets out a "roadmap" on taking Italy closer to normality.
    There will be no more curfew from June 1 in Friuli, Molise and Sardinia after they become low-risk white zones.
    They will be followed by Abruzzo, Veneto and Liguria on June 7 if the current contagion curve continues.
    In these low-risk zones social distancing and face masks are the only COVID-linked measures that will be enforced.
    Italy's bars and restaurants can reopen indoors from June 1 - at the moment they can only serve people at outdoor tables - gyms on May 24, and indoor swimming pools on July 1.
    Shopping malls and markets will reopen at weekends, in addition to during the week, on May 22.
    Weddings will be able to restart from June 15, with a 'green pass' certifying a vaccination or a negative test for the participants.
    Theme parks will reopen on June 15.
    Sporting events will be able to have 25% crowds in the open from June 1.
    On July 1, furthermore, social, leisure and cultural centres will reopen, along with casinos, bingo halls and gambling shops, while ski lifts will reopen on May 22 but night clubs will stay closed both indoors and outdoors.
    The roadmap will be re-assessed in June on the basis of contagion data.
    Regional governments are calling for the current tiered system of restrictions based on an area's contagion risk to be scrapped.
    Centre-right allies Forza Italian and the League, meanwhile, are calling for the easing of the restrictions to speeded up.


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