Man found guilty of killing top chef in 2000

Giampaolo Nuara guilty of manslaughter of Pietro Beggi

(ANSA) - ASTI, MAY 6 - An Italian man was found guilty of killing a top Italian chef in a burglary-gone-wrong near Asti in 2000 on Thursday.
    The man, Giampaolo Nuara, had been acquitted in a fast-track trial at the time.
    But now a Turin appeals court has overturned that verdict and sentenced him to 14 years in jail for the manslaughter of Pietro Beggi in an attempted robbery in his cellar on the night of January 2-3 2000.
    Beggi was a noted chef at the Ciabot del Grignolin Restuarant at Calliano near Asti.
    Nuara was found guilty of involuntary homicide.
    Beggi was found critically wounded by a blow to the head on the floor of his wine cellar. (ANSA).


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