COVID: 5,948 new cases, 256 more victims

Lowest daily case tally since October 13

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 3 - There have been 5,948 new cases of COVID-19 in Italy in the last 24 hours, and 256 more victims of the virus, the health ministry said Monday.
    That compares with 9,148 new cases and 144 more victims on Sunday.
    Monday's was the lowest daily case tally since October 13 when there were 5,898.
    Some 121,829 more tests have been done, compared to 156,872 Sunday.
    The positivity rate has fallen by 0.9% from 5.8% to 4.9%.
    Intensive care cases have fallen by 34, and hospital admissions risen by 50.
    The recovered and discharged have risen above 3.5 million, to 3,505,717.
    The case tally since the start of the epidemic is now 4,050,708, and the death toll 121,433.
    The currently positive are 423,558 (-7,348 on Sunday). Some 402,673 people are in domestic isolation (-7,364). (ANSA).


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