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New ReiThera vaccine safe, response peak at 4 wks

Better results than Moderna, Pfizer; vaccine independence-Arcuri

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 5 - The new COVID vaccine being developed by Rome biotech company ReiThera is safe, a Spallanzani infectious disease hospital official said on Tuesday.
    Giuseppe Ippolito, scientific director at Italy's premier infectious disease hospital, was speaking at the presentation of the results of Phase One of testing of the GRAd-CoV2 vaccine made by ReiThera, which is based at Castel Romano on the outskirts of the Italian capital.
    Ippolito said "we enrolled 100 people and 45 were vaccinated with different doses and all arrived at the end for the safety assessment: the vaccine did not have any serious adverse effect in the first 28 days from the vaccination, a better result compared to Moderna and Pfizer which had undesired effects.
    "The peak of production of antibodies remains constant at four weeks and the vaccine is single dose".
    The new vaccine developed anti-bodies in 92.5% of those tested, Ippolito added.
    ReiThera President Antonella Folgore said the company was aiming to produce 100 million doses of vaccine per year.
    He said the vaccine was stable at a temperature of between two and eight degrees Celsius.
    Italy's COVID commissioner, Domenico Arcuri, said that "with ReiThera Italy is aiming for vaccine independence". (ANSA).


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