COVID: Ban on travel between regions kicks in

Nationwide lockdown to start Xmas eve

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 21 - A ban on travel between Italy's regions, part of the government's measures aimed at stopping the Christmas holidays feeding a new wave of COVID-19 contagion, came into force on Monday and is set to run until the Epiphany national holiday on January 6.
    The ban does not apply to people who have to move between regions for work or health reasons or other situations of necessity.
    In addition to this, the government has imposed a nationwide lockdown for most of the Christmas holidays.
    Italy will be a 'red zone' for all but four working days for almost two weeks over the festive period, starting from Christmas Eve.
    This means non-essential shops, bars and restaurants will be closed and people will need to have a good reason to be outside their homes.
    Two adults and their children under 14 will also be allowed to visit another household.
    On the four working days between Christmas Eve and the Epiphany, shops will be open, although bars and restaurants will not, and people will be free to move around within their towns of residence as much as they please. (ANSA).


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