Man arrested on terror charges near Cosenza

Italian, 30, a 'lone wolf' say police

(ANSA) - CATANZARO, 27 NOV - An Italian man resident in the province of Cosenza was arrested Friday on suspicion of self-training and activities with terrorist ends, including international ones, judicial sources said.
    Police allegedly found on his computer instruction manuals on how to build bombs, tutorials on how to carry out terrorist operations, instructions on self training to carry out terror attacks.
    They also allegedly found videos of gruesome ISIS executions, official magazines from the media a gencies of ISIS, al-Qaeda and other terror groups, as well as documents in Arabic which the suspect himself had written.
    The man also communicated with jihadi groups on the Web, police said.
    The suspect had learned to speak Arabic and sported a long and thick beard, police said.
    The man was said to be 30 years old and from the town of Luzzi.
    Police said he was a 'lone wolf'. (ANSA).


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