COVID boy, 13, forced to sleep in car to protect family

In Perugia

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 29 - A 13-year-old COVID-positive boy, a foreigner but with a regular stay permit in Italy, has been forced by his family to sleep in the car in Perugia so as not to infect his parents and two sisters aged two and nine, local media reported Thursday.
    The boy, who is asymptomatic, was subsequently offered a bed in a COVID hotel at Città di Castello where he will stay with one of his parents.
    He had been forced to sleep in the vehicle because the family flat was too small to permit self-isolation.
    Perugia social policy pointman Edi Cicchi told ANSA the case had been solved with the cooperation of the local health agency and the Umbria regional government.
    He will now stay at the Villa Muzi COVID hotel with his father staying in another room, Cicchi said. (ANSA).


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