COVID: Record infections, almost 25,000, 205 dead

More currently positive than recovered says health ministry

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 28 - Wednesday saw a new record for the daily tally of new COVID cases in Italy, at 24,991, up from 21,994 Tuesday, the health ministry said.
    There were 205 fresh deaths, down from 221 Tuesday, it said.
    There are now more currently positive than recovered in Italy, at 276,457 to 275,404.
    The figure for the currently positive has risen steadily from only 142,739 compared to 255,005 recovered on October 20.
    On August 25, the positives were 19,714 and the recovered 206,015.
    There were 125 more intensive care patients Wednesday and 1,026 more hospital admissions.
    Almost 200,000 swabs were taken , with an incidence of 12.5%.


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