Suspects held after more violent protests at COVID-19 restrictions

Clashes in Milan, fires and looting in Turin

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 27 - Suspects have been held in several Italian cities after more violent protests took place overnight against new restrictions aimed at combatting COVID-19, with Milan and Turin hit hardest.
    Among other things, the government has ruled that bars and restaurants must stop serving at 18:00 while several regions have imposed curfews at night.
    On Tuesday 28 people were taken to the police headquarters in Milan after violent clashes took place between the forces of law and order and hundreds of protestors.
    Many acts of vandalism were committed and many of the peple involved were very young.
    Six people were arrested in relation to violence, fires and looting in central Turin.
    A man caught setting light to trash cannisters, along with a 17-year-old girl, was arrested for criminal damage and resisting arrest.
    Two Egyptian nationals, one of whom is a minor, were arrested for looting a Gucci shop.
    Three Italians were arrested too and two others were reported to prosecutors over the looting of a Louis Vuitton store.
    Around a dozen police officers were hurt in the clashes in Turin.
    There have also been violent clashes in Naples, Rome and other cities.
    On Monday, President Sergio Mattarella called on people not to behave irresponsibly, saying the virus was the enemy as it was making the restrictions necessary. (ANSA).


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