We need to hang in on COVID for 7-8 months - Speranza

Health minister hopeful of good news on vaccine soon

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 1 - Health Minister Roberto Speranza on Thursday called on the public to be patient with respect to the measures to combat the spread of COVID-19, saying he was hopeful the end of the emergency is coming.
    "We need to resist with the knife between our teeth for the difficult next seven-eight months ahead," Speranza during a visit to the Sanofi plant at Anagni, near Rome, where production is set to start of a vaccine the multinational is working on with CSK.
    "But while we resist, we must also look to the future.
    "The whole international community is at work on the vaccine and the hope is that we can have good news in quite a short period of time.
    "In the months ahead in which we do not have the COVID vaccine or cures we will need correct behaviour by people because that is what enabled us to bring down the curve in previous months".


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