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Schools reopen for catch-up courses,post-lockdown test

Face masks not compulsory, deal on public transport

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 1 - Italian schools reopened Tuesday for catch-up courses for students who didn't make the grade in June, in the first post-lockdown test ahead of full reopening on September 14.
    Facemasks are not compulsory in the classroom, unless one-metre distancing is not possible.
    Temperatures will be taken at home.
    The first official opening bell will be rung on September 14, but not in all regions.
    Alto Adige has set reopening for September 7, Puglia for September 24, and Sardinia for September 22.
    A deal has been reached between central and regional governments on local public transport, which foresees a maximum capacity of 80%.
    More seats will be installed and standing places will be reduced. (ANSA).


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