Two more Mondo di Mezzo case ringleaders freed

Buzzi and Gramazio released from house arrest

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 26 - Two more ringleaders in the sprawling Mondo di Mezzo (Middle World) Rome graft case, Salvatore Buzzi and Luca Gramazio, regained their freedom on Friday.
    The pair were both released from house arrest after a judge ruled that the maximum amount of time they could be deprived of their freedom before a definitive verdict on their case had run out.
    Another ringleader, former rightist militant and ex-gangster Massimo Carminati, was recently released from jail on the same grounds.
    The case was initially dubbed 'Mafia Capitale' because prosecutors said the affair, in which a gang got its hands on city contracts worth millions, ranging from the running of Roma and migrant camps to waste management and maintaining green areas, regarded organized crime.
    But last year the supreme Cassation Court quashed mafia convictions and ordered an appeals court to reset jail terms in the case.
    Buzzi, former leftwing cooperatives kingpin, had originally been sentenced to 18 years and four months in jail.
    Carminati, ex-member of the NAR right-wing terrorist group, was given a term of 14 years and six months.
    'Middle World' refers to Carminati's nickname for the demi-monde of politicians, blue-collar workers and criminals he operated in. (ANSA).


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