Coronavirus: Army being sent to Mondragone hotspot

Residents of abandoned buildings protest after area sealed off

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 25 - Campania Governor Vincenzo De Luca said Thursday that Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese has agreed to send an Army contingent to help control a coronavirus hotspot in the town of Mondragone, in the province of Caserta.
    The authorities created a 'red zone' by sealing off the area after 49 people living in abandoned buildings, which belonged to the Cirio food group, tested positive for COVID-19.
    The authorities have reportedly lost track of some of the people who have tested positive.
    A group of Bulgarian nations living in the abandoned buildings breached the limits of the red zone in protest on Thursday before police managed to get them back inside.
    "This morning I spoke to Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese about the red zone set up at the former Cirio buildings in Mondragone," said De Luca.
    "I requested the urgent dispatch of a hundred members of the forces of law and order to ensure rigorous control of the area.
    The minister announced the arrival of an Army contingent".
    The Mondragone hotspot is not the only situation of concern.
    Some 40 employees of Bologna's Bertolini transport-and-delivery firm have contacted the coronavirus too.
    The company has closed a warehouse but has not halted activity.
    The authorities are considering conducting swabs on all the firm's employees. (ANSA).


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